The company

RS 2000 srl has an experience of over 20 years and is numbered among one of the most reliable lubricants manufacturer company for the automotive, marine and industry sectors.

The company uses the most advanced technologies, the best raw materials, base oils and synthetic liquids to meet the specific requests of the most important car manufacturers.

RS 2000 srl is based in Pomezia (Rome) centered in 10.000 sq.mtrs area where is possible to find our offices and more than 3.000 sq. mtrs of wharehouse.
RS 2000 srl can offer, thanks to the steady relationships we keep with our suppliers and the high level of qualified human resources, services in regard of our customers production flexibility, warehouse capacity and delivery schedule.

Any step, from the ordering of the raw materials to the delivery of our finished products, follows a strict high quality procedure.

A dynamic management in a modern setting.

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